Clinical Trial Facilities

Royal Adelaide Hospital

SAHMRI Clinical Trials Unit

Within SAHMRI, there is a facility for undertaking ambulatory clinical trials. A dedicated research imaging unit, including MRI, is located within the building. Suitable for observational, cohort, and follow-up studies

Facilities: 8 rooms for trial use.

Contact: Melanie Gentgall, Director Clinical Trials Platform;,
+61 (08) 8128 4377 (UTC/GMT +9:30 hours)

New Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospital has two clinical trial facilities:

Level 4 of the Royal Adelaide Hospital houses a 12-bed high acuity clinical trials unit with the capacity to undertake commercial and investigator-initiated trials in healthy volunteers and patients. It has extensive infrastructure and equipment, and has the capacity to deliver a level of care up to and including that of a tertiary intensive care unit.

The unit’s monitoring and diagnostic capacity includes ECG monitoring, continuous invasive and non-invasive blood pressure measurement, electroencephalography, and echocardiography. In addition, it has access to most speciality procedural and diagnostic services within the RAH.

It has the capacity for in-house sample processing, with centrifuges and monitored freezers down to -80 degrees.

Unit staff includes doctors, nurses, clinical trial coordinators and allied health professionals with extensive experience in conducting clinical trials. Furthermore the Unit has access to doctors and nurses from most adult, maternal and paediatric specialties, as well as the diagnostic, laboratory and imaging services of a major tertiary centre.

The Unit has conducted numerous clinical trials on medicines and medical devices over the last 10 years for numerous areas of medicine, such as anaesthesia, pain medicine, surgery, perioperative medicine, cancer, gynaecology, paediatrics, endocrinology, neurosurgery, spinal surgery, cardiology, intensive care, gastroenterology, and neurology.

It conducts first-in-human and Phase 1 clinical trials, but also participates in and/or manages later phase and multi-centre trials.Other services include trial design, trial monitoring, data management, recruitment and trial conduct.

Contact: Clinical Research Manager
T: +61 (08) 7074 1544

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Clinical Trials Centre is located on Level 3 with entry from North Terrace. The design of this centre is similar to an outpatient clinic and is suitable for commercial and investigator-initiated trials in healthy volunteers and patients. This facility has all routine patient assessment and monitoring equipment including ECG and physiological monitor. The centre has 9 clinic rooms and an interview room which are sound proof to ensure patient privacy, densitometer, phlebotomy area, patient observation area with nurses station and kitchenette, wheelchair-accessible toilet, and sample processing room with a biosafety cabinet, centrifuges, monitored -20oC freezer, ultracold freezer and fridge.

This is a shared-use facility available for use by clinical researchers across the Adelaide Biomedical City Precinct.

Contact: CALHN Research Office
T: (0)8 71172231


Royal Adelaide Hospital Clinical Trials Centre


University of Adelaide Health and Medical School

Within the University of Adelaide Health and Medical School is a 14-bed dedicated clinical research unit consisting principally of individual bedrooms, some of which can be combined into a bay of 3. Specialised facilities include a gamma camera with radiopharmacy suite and a gait analysis laboratory. The facility has an integrated laboratory for processing and storage of samples, secure document storage, access control, and a wide range of equipment for specialised assessment principally of psychometric, gastrointestinal and endocrine function.

Facilities: Gamma camera and radiopharmacy suite, gait analysis, diet kitchen, sample processing and storage, general staff and consumables

Contact: Prof Paul Rolan, Director, Clinical Research Facility, University of Adelaide Health and
Medical School,,
+61 (0) 405 670 420 (UTC/GMT +9:30 hours)

University of South Australia Clinical Trial Facility

UniSA’s multi-purpose Facility supports industry funded and investigator-led trials in healthy volunteers and patients across the Adelaide BioMed City precinct. Located at UniSA’s City East Campus the Facility provides purpose-built, dedicated clinical research spaces and expertise including: 10 clinic rooms; neurophysiology and exercise physiology suites; open multi-purpose space; volunteer kitchen; analytical laboratory; and monitored ultra-cold storage facility.

Facilities: specialist infrastructure and equipment for assessing; brain function (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, EEG), body composition (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry), functional vascular health (endoPAT, arterial compliance), physical activity (accelerometry) & fitness (VO2 max, cycle ergometry) and cognition & mood (test banks, virtual & augmented reality technologies).

Significant clinical trial programs include stroke rehabilitation (including depression), health effects of dietary interventions to improve cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive function, clinical pain neuroscience, brain control of movement, weight loss interventions and Proof-of-concept Phase l clinical trials.

Contact: Prof Susan Hillier, Dean Research: Allied Health and Human Performance, University of South Australia,

+61 (0) 419 034 578 (UTC/GMT +9:30 hours)

and Kellie La Fontaine, Manager Cancer Research Institute, University of South Australia,,

+61 (0) 466 956 867 (UTC/GMT +9:30 hours)

University of South Australia Clinical Trial Facility