Adelaide Intermediary Program

Adelaide Intermediary Program (AIP) is designed to help experts in driving their health and medical innovation project and strategically build capacity, connection and opportunity.

MTPConnect has been appointed to deliver the AIP for Adelaide BioMed City (ABMC), funded by the SA Government’s EXCITE Strategy initiative that seeks to drive innovation, translation and commercialisation across our health a medical sector. 

AIP team provides a range of activities and services, including:

  • Providing expert advice and mentoring through one-on-one consultations and briefings 
  • Facilitating local and global connection through strategic introductions, coordination of delegations, facilitating collaboration amongst partners, networking activities and bespoke roundtables and expert panels
  • Capacity building through local and national programs and events, facilitating access to infrastructure, engaging in talent attraction and being a trusted voice for government
  • Providing support for strategic projects as part of our portfolio of national funding programs and through participation in major initiatives
  • Sharing our extensive knowledge base, which includes sector reports, case studies, podcasts and news.  Please follow this link for South Australian-focused podcasts:

Reach out to your Adelaide Intermediary Program team to access any of these services. The AIP Team is working closely with ABMC partners and the broad range of stakeholders across South Australia’s MTP sector including companies, universities, medical research institutes, health professionals and funders.

Furthermore, the program is able to offer you expertise and strategic collaborations for potential grant applications.  For a comprehensive list of current grant/funding opportunities please visit the searchable ‘Grants/Funding Opportunities’ database under the ‘R&D Resources’ page of this website.   If you require assistance with grant/funding opportunities please don’t hesitate to reach out to the AIP team.


Adelaide Intermediary Program



Adelaide Intermediary Program Insight Series

Adelaide Intermediary Program
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