The District

Adelaide BioMed City (ABMC) is a Health Innovation and Translation District comprised of leading-edge anchor institutes and companies, that cluster and connect with entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, business incubators and accelerators.

It offers mixed-use infrastructure where researchers, clinicians and students work together with entrepreneurs and leading industry players.

It leverages its strong partnerships and collaborations to effectively deliver its goals, in a manner beneficial to all stakeholders.

Collectively, the ABMC district delivers improved healthcare for our South Australian community (that also translates globally), lowers the cost of healthcare and brings economic value to the State.

Our Vision:

By 2030 ABMC will be a globally significant Health Innovation and Translation District.

Our Mission:

To deliver health and economic impact, locally and globally. Accelerating health innovation and translation, by acting as a gateway for industry-research collaboration, and a catalyst for research commercialisation.

Adelaide BioMed City