Clinical Trials

Adelaide BioMed City is an integrated multi-facility campus for undertaking clinical trials to the highest international standards.

South Australia is home to world class researchers and clinical trial facilities making it an ideal location to conduct clinical trials.

Adelaide BioMed City is one of the largest health and life sciences clusters in the southern hemisphere bringing together institutions from research, education and clinical care.

Adelaide offers:

  • Preclinical, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 facilities
  • World class infrastructure and expertise
  • Large and diverse patient populations
  • Ethics committees certified to approve all phases of clinical research.

Australia has an efficient regulatory approval framework in the Clinical Trials Notification (CTN) scheme administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This process eliminates the need for the Investigational New Drug requirements.

The Australian Government offers a Research and development (R&D) tax incentive by providing up to 43.5% cashback for eligible R&D expenditure.



Royal Adelaide Hospital



Why conduct clinical trials at Adelaide BioMed City?



Clinical Trial Facilities

With over 30 clinical trial rooms, Adelaide BioMed City is the most significant health and life science research cluster in the southern hemisphere. Adelaide BioMed City is delivering healthcare outcomes through integrated hospital and university research equipment, such as world-class medical imaging and high acuity facilities.












Medical staff operate at several of the facilities at Adelaide BioMed City, providing expertise in undertaking clinical trials.

  • Extensive experience in early phase proof of concept trials, including first-in-human
  • Strong clinical pharmacology medical community
  • Integrated investigator-initiated and commercially-sponsored research studies




Ethical and regulatory review

Government regulatory approval is generally not required for clinical research studies in Australia;
the Human Research Ethics Committees undertake this function.

  • Submission-to-approval timescales are typically 4-8 weeks
  • Simple notification procedure to the regulator (TGA)
  • Site specific assessments ensure appropriate research governance





Ethical and regulatory review







Adelaide BioMed City is tackling a diverse range of population and individual health-based solutions through safe and effective Clinical Trial investigations. You can be a part of our leading edge scientific solutions.

If you are interested in participating in Adelaide BioMed City Clinical Trials, please contact us.

To learn more about what’s involved in participating in a Clinical Trial, visit Australian Clinical Trials.




Federal government reimbursement up to 43.5%

The Australian federal government reimburses Australian pharmaceutical companies up to 43.5% of R&D expenditure.